Overview of the development of gear box cold-formed steel equipment industryIndustry development


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Cold forming technology has been widely used for its energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency. Gear box cold-formed steel equipment products are widely used in many industries such as construction, bridge, vehicle manufacturing, container production, machinery manufacturing, etc. A huge role.


Brief introduction of gear box cold-formed steel equipment: Gear box cold-formed steel equipment is an integrated system, including industrial robots, controllers, programmers, robotic grippers, automatic disassembling/stacking machines, pallet conveying and positioning equipment. And gear box cold-formed steel equipment mode software. It also features automatic weighing, labeling and inspection and communication systems, and is connected to the production control system to form a complete integrated packaging line.

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Therefore, with the development of the entire environmental protection market, gear box cold-formed steel equipment will become more and more important. For gear box cold-formed steel equipment, common molding methods mainly include pressing, forging, extrusion and welding. The equipment can be molded. And the method can explain the molding method of the molding equipment. According to these molding methods, it is not difficult to see that in order to make the equipment simple, we need to use the molding equipment, and we have no way to use these equipment. We manufacture and manufacture ourselves, so we need to buy some ready-made molding equipment. Many manufacturers are constantly developing new products and materials, and the hot-rolled steels that have been popular before are gradually adopting cold-formed steel. I believe that everyone is obvious to all.

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Modern enterprise grouping, large-scale production capacity, multi-variety and low-volume production methods make the application requirements of robot gearbox cold-formed steel equipment more and more, and the requirements for robot working ability are also constantly improved, not only requiring robot gear box cooling The curved steel equipment is developing in the direction of high speed, and the robot is required to have the ability to handle a variety of products, and realize the functions of one machine, multiple products, one machine, multiple disks, one machine and multiple wires. Due to the different shape, structure and size of the target object, the structure of the end effector of the cold-formed steel device of the robot gear box and the operation mode of the target object are also different. Once the target object is replaced, the corresponding end effector needs to be replaced, and the gear box is replaced. The cold-formed steel equipment system program also needs to be changed accordingly, which will not be able to adapt to the current situation of high-speed, multi-variety and low-volume production of modern enterprises. In response to this situation, the author combines the research status of related fields at home and abroad to study and design a multi-function end effector for cold-formed steel equipment of robot gearboxes. It can realize different shapes, structures and sizes without replacing key components. Identification and operation of the package.

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